Change the way you travel, be closer to nature. Take a second to appreciate everyday beauty


Engaging Sand Art Display

Learn the tricks and tips from the best of sand artists and make your own castle or something devotional.


Aiming for the bull's eye in a game of archery. learn the traits of important game in five rings just for fun.

Rifle Shooting

Indulge in the fascinating game of rifle shooting and without harming yourself or anyone, be a shooter!


Explore the nature without a guide in your schedule time on a bicycle and enjoy the nature from close quarters.

Beach Volleyball

The second best thing about the beach is a chance to play beach volleyball with friends or acquaintances or with a complete team of strangers.

Culinary Experience

After a great day, what better way to treat your body with the best of cuisines and flavors hand-picked to make your day.

Movie Screening

Sit down and relax in your allotted sittings to watch a movie screening in the midst of nature with complete natural air conditioning.

Boat Rides / Jet Ski / Parasailing

You never know what things can excite you during your day at the beach. Be it in the water, on it or above it...


Learn the way doing things in style from the experts

Sand Art Workshops
Wellness & Yoga Workshops
Basic Surfing Workshops by certified trainer
Basic Stand Up Paddle Workshops
Pattachitra Workshops
Surfing Workshops

Trails & Tours

Knowing about the real odisha!

Art History Trail at Sun Temple Complex
Cycling Tours with an appointed guide and a designated route map
Coastal Village Tours
Handicrafts and textiles tours, engaging tourists in different weaving techniques